The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
developer: CD PROJEKT RED   publisher: / WARNER BROS. INTERACTIVE ENTERTAINMENT / NAMCO BANDAI   platforms: PC, PS4, XBONE   release: 2015  
I came on board exactly one year before Wild Hunt was released. Most of the design for locations was done, the same goes for level design. That is why my main responsibility was level art (sometimes basic level design). Most of the time I took basic blockout and gave it polishing pass. There were cases, where I had to do a design for a location and then push it to the final look. I didn't create any assets for this game.

My work for the Witcher 3 divided in parts of the game:
- No Man's Land - most of my work, mostly level art, basic level design for some smaller locations
- Skellige - final passes on few areas
- Novigrad City - big part in optimization of the city houses
- Open world parts - level art and basic level design for the open world parts (not related to any quest or points of interest)

Below you can see some parts of the world I created for the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.
With such a huge game, it's is very hard to separate one person work, so please keep in mind that every shot you see, also contains someone else's work.

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