CryEngine 3: studies
developer: knj   platforms: PC   release: 2011-2012  
Right after Crytek has released CryEngine 3 SDK I've tried to learn how to use this tool. My goal was to create a small village environment using SDK's assets and props. It took me couple of days to finish my task and I've learned basics on how to use this engine and editor (this was back in 2011). After two years, when I started to create my portfolio, I came back to this scene. It become very obvious that I need to put some more work into this environment. Depending on my taste and great feedback from my experienced friends, I've "upgraded" my work a lot and below you cans see how it's looking right now.
When I was still studying at the Jagiellonian University, at "modelling and 3d animation" specialization, one of our tasks was to create an environment with "ghost town" feel to it. Below is the finish environment for my class, created by me. I used CryEngine 3 and its props. My inspiration was games like Alan Wake and Silent Hill. I wanted to use an original colour palette, and as a result some people love it and some hate it.

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